I sell GoDaddy Business Website Hosting at a price you can't beat. Guaranteed!

I have special pricing for GoDaddy Business Hosting plans and I sell them to customers looking for the speed without the high price. Keep reading to learn how this works.

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Exclusive Prices

How Does It Work?

My exclusive pricing only applies to my GoDaddy account and therefor I purchase the product and then give you access via cPanel. You make monthly payments to me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

You can pay full price or you can pay a discounted price. That’s up to you.

Who owns the server?
It’s still GoDaddy’s server. I’m just giving you access to a product on my account at the price I show above. GoDaddy’s hosting policies still apply.
Can I resell the hosting to my clients?
That’s up to you.
How does the billing work?
You’ll pay your monthly hosting fee at the beginning of each month. My card on file will cover the cost of the product. Once you’ve hosted for 12 months, I can switch the card on file to yours and charge you the difference.
What if I need hosting support?
If there is a hosting issue you can’t resolve, I can call GoDaddy on your behalf. You should be well equipped to handle most concerns.
Can I upgrade my server?
Yes. You can upgrade all plans, except Expand.
What happens if I miss a payment?
Don’t get into this situation. As my card is on file that makes me financially responsible. You have exactly 5 days to complete your payment. If you do not, I will remove your server. I will then provide 5 additional days for you to backup your websites, before the server is removed.

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